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Persisting Java Objects with InterSystems XEP
About This Book
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InterSystems IRIS™ provides lightweight Java APIs for easy database access via relational tables (JDBC and SQL), objects, and multidimensional storage. See Using Java JDBC with InterSystems IRIS for relational table access and Using the InterSystems IRIS Native API for Java for multidimensional storage access. This book describes the XEP API for object access.
XEP provides high-performance Java persistence technology for simple to medium complexity object hierarchies. XEP projects the data in Java objects as persistent events (database objects that store a persistent copy of the data fields), accessing the InterSystems IRIS™ database. XEP is optimized for transaction processing applications that require extremely high speed data persistence and retrieval.
The following topics are discussed in this book:
There is also a detailed Table of Contents.
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