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Monitoring Productions
Finding Interface References
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You can search a namespace to find where production components such as data transformations are referenced by other production components. For example, you can search business rules to find the ones that call a certain data transformation. You could also find all the DTLs that use a custom function, which is useful when determining the impact of modifying the function. To begin searching for interface references, select Interoperability > View > Interface References.
Search Criteria
To begin a search, specify the name and type of the component that you want to find within other production components. You can search for references to the following components:
The search finds partial text matches. For example, entering alert and selecting all of the component types could find references to a data transformation Demo.MsgRouter.EmailAlertTransform as well as a lookup table AlertTable.
Result Types
By default, your search finds references to the specified component within:
You can limit your search to references within only certain types of components by deselecting the result types options.
Clicking a reference in the results list opens that component in the Management Portal. For example, clicking a reference found in a data transformation opens the transformation in the DTL Editor. For business hosts, you can open the production that contains the business host.

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