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InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2019.3 / All Documentation / Accessing Source Code Files Using REST / Introduction to the InterSystems IRIS Source Code File REST API
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Introduction to the InterSystems IRIS Source Code File REST API

This REST API provides access to InterSystems IRIS™ source code files. We developed this API to allow Atelier, our Eclipse-based IDE, to access InterSystems IRIS code files on an InterSystems IRIS server. You can use the API to perform the actions needed to access InterSystems IRIS code files. These actions include:
These actions provide the mechanisms to access InterSystems IRIS source code files. In order to create an InterSystems IRIS development environment, you should understand this API and have a comprehensive understanding of how the InterSystems IRIS source code files are used within InterSystems IRIS.
This is a special-purpose API. If you are creating a development environment or working on a similar application, such as a class browser, you may find this API useful. But, it is not a general-purpose REST API to access InterSystems IRIS objects.
If you want information about downloading Atelier and about using Atelier to develop InterSystems IRIS applications, see http://www.intersystems.com/atelier, the Atelier home page, which provides links to downloading instructions and to the Atelier documentation.
This document describes versions 1 and 2 of the InterSystems IRIS Source Code File REST API. Future releases of InterSystems IRIS may support higher versions of this REST API that provide additional calls, but you will always be able to call the earlier versions. The APIs for version 1 include /v1/ in the URL and the APIs for version 2 include /v2/. You can find out the version of this API that is provided by InterSystems IRIS by calling the GetServer method.
The following describes the major capabilities of the API and the methods that provide them:
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