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More About Cloud Storage Adapters

Inbound adapters and outbound adapters both include properties that identify the cloud storage provider and provide the credentials needed to access that provider. Values for these properties can be defined in the Management Portal once the business service or business operation using an adapter has been added to the production. The properties used to connect to the cloud storage provider are:

Bucket Name (inbound only) — Identifies the cloud storage bucket that contains the blobs you want to work with. When using the outbound adapter, the business operation must define the bucket name property and pass its value to the adapter.

Storage Provider — Identifies the cloud storage provider.

Storage Region — Identifies the region of your cloud storage. For a list of S3 regions, see Amazon Regions, Availability Zones, and Local ZonesOpens in a new tab

Provider Credentials — If you are working with S3, leave blank to use the default credential provider chainOpens in a new tab to obtain the credentials needed to access an S3 bucket. If you prefer to use a credential file, enter its filepath.


The cloud storage adapters were developed using the InterSystems PEX framework, so the ObjectScript source code for the adapter looks different than other adapters. For example, the outbound adapter methods are actually wrappers for methods written in a Java PEX component.

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