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Hands-On Exercise 4

The best way to understand what's happening with the globals ^PersonD (for data) and ^PersonI (for indexes) is to try it yourself while building the completed version of ObjectScript.DataEntry4.

  • Add a line to Main() that calls the Store() method after Display().

  • Add a line to ValidPhone() that checks to see if the phone number already exists in the phone index.

  • Copy the complete Store() method (from the second Storage Method page) into your class.

  • Save and compile. Then run Main(), and store one person's data.

  • Look at the globals. Use the Management Portal in the USER namespace. Click System Explorer > Globals, find the entries for ^PersonD and ^PersonI, and click View for each one.

  • Run Main() again, and store a few more people. Look at the globals again, especially ^PersonI.

For instructions, click below.

Step by Step Solution

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