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InterSystems API Manager (IAM)

The InterSystems API Manager (IAM) is an independent component that InterSystems provides for use with InterSystems IRIS products.

By enabling you to monitor, control, and govern HTTP-based API traffic, InterSystems API Manager (IAM) lets you take full advantage of microservices and APIs that are either exposed or consumed by your InterSystems IRIS® applications. By acting as an API gateway between your InterSystems IRIS servers and applications, it gives you the ability to more effectively monitor and control the traffic of calls between your server-side APIs and your client-side applications.

For detailed information on IAM, see InterSystems API ManagerOpens in a new tab on the InterSystems Components and Tools documentation page.

To try an online exercise in which you can use IAM to manage APIs for a InterSystems IRIS-based coffee maker application, see Hands-on with InterSystems API Manager for DevelopersOpens in a new tab..

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