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Introduction to System Monitor Tools

System Monitor is a flexible, user-extensible utility used to monitor an InterSystems IRIS® data platform instance and generate notifications when the values of one or more of a wide range of metrics indicate a potential problem.

About System Monitor

System Monitor tools include the following monitoring tools:

  • System Monitor monitors system status and resources, generating notifications (alerts and warnings) based on fixed parameters and tracking overall system health.

  • Health Monitor samples key system and user-defined metrics and compares them to user-configurable parameters and established normal values, generating notifications when samples exceed applicable thresholds.

  • Application Monitor samples significant system metrics, stores the values in the local namespace, and evaluates them using user-created alert definitions. When an alert is triggered, it can either generate an email notification or call a specified class method.

All three tools run in the %SYS namespace by default. Other than Health Monitor, you can run these tools in other namespaces under namespace-specific configurations and settings. You can define and configure your own components to extend the capabilities of System Monitor in each namespace as your needs require.

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