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Using SQL Adapters in Productions
About the SQL Adapters
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The SQL inbound and outbound adapters enable your productions to communicate with JDBC or ODBC-compliant databases. This chapter provides a brief introduction to these adapters.
Basic Tools
The adapters (EnsLib.SQL.InboundAdapter and EnsLib.SQL.OutboundAdapter) provide settings that you use to specify the data source to connect to and any login details needed for that data source.
The adapters also provide methods to perform common SQL activities such as the following:
The adapters are clients and perform authentication by passing calls that include the username and password; they do not use authentication from the operating system.
Helper Classes
InterSystems IRIS™ provides two helper classes that are used as arguments and return values for the built-in SQL methods:
General Use
At a high level, to include an adapter in a production, you do the following:
In most cases, your custom code resides within your business host class. You do not typically need to customize the adapters directly.

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