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This topic describes the operations that can be included in the [Actions] section of a configuration merge file.

When applying a merge file, InterSystems IRIS performs the actions specified by each operation in the [Actions] section. You can define and implement a specific, repeatable InterSystems IRIS configuration by including these operations in a configuration merge file.


Do not add the [Actions] section directly to the Configuration Parameter File (CPF). The [Actions] section is not supported in the CPF, and causes instance startup to fail if included.

The order of the operations in the [Actions] section of a configuration merge file has no effect on the order in which they are executed; InterSystems IRIS performs the operations in a deterministic order.

In addition to the operations in the [Actions] section, there are a number of parameters in the [Startup] section that are very useful in deployment with configuration merge, for example those related to deploying mirrored topologies (ArbiterURL, MirrorMember, MirrorPrimary, MirrorSetName, MirrorSSLDir, and ShardMirrorMember) and sharded clusters (ShardRole, ShardClusterURL, ShardMirrorMember, ShardMasterRegexp, and ShardRegexp).