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Monitoring Productions
Viewing Business Process Instances
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This chapter describes how to view and monitor business processes. It contains the following topics:
The [Interoperability] > [Business Process List] page displays any current instances of a business process in the currently running production. If a business process has completed its work, there is no entry for it on this page.
To access this page, click Interoperability, click View, click Business Process Instances, and then click Go.
On this page:
The following topics provide details.
Filtering the List of Process Instances
The left area of the [Interoperability] > [Business Process List] page provides the following options that you can use to filter the list of business process instances displayed on this page:
After you have edited these fields, you can click one of the commands at the top of the page:
InterSystems IRIS then redisplays the page.
Viewing Summary Information for Business Process Instances
The middle area of the [Interoperability] > [Business Process List] page displays the following information for each business process instance:
In each row, background color indicates the status of the business process instance:
Purging the Business Process Log
You can purge outdated records from the business process archives by clicking the Purge command at the bottom left of the [Interoperability] > [Business Process List] page.
The fields in this dialog allow to you purge business process instance data as follows:
To purge the data, click Purge. InterSystems IRIS immediately starts to purge instances according to the parameters you have entered in the dialog box.
You cannot undo the Purge operation.
For information on how to purge business process instances along with other management data, see Purging Production Data in Managing Productions.