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Monitoring Productions
Using the Enterprise Message Viewer
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This chapter describes using the Enterprise Message Viewer. It discusses the following topics:
The Enterprise Message Viewer is a special production that runs in a namespace. In this namespace, you should identify the systems that you intend to search for messages. To identify a system, you provide a name, Web IP address (including port number), namespace, SOAP credentials, and SSL configuration. For details, see Identifying Enterprise Systems for Viewing and Monitoring. In addition, you must define on the Enterprise Message Viewer system all classes that you will be using in search criteria. These classes are the ones that define the body parts and search tables in the production messages.
Once you have identified one or more systems, you can access the Enterprise Message Viewer by clicking Interoperability, View, and Enterprise Messages. You can also access the Enterprise Message Viewer by clicking Interoperability, Configure, and Enterprise Systems and then clicking the Enterprise Message Viewer link.
For an overview of the Enterprise Message Viewer and the Enterprise Message Bank, see Viewing Messages from Other Namespaces.
Specifying a Query in the Enterprise Message Viewer
To specify a query in the Enterprise Message Search, you can enter any of the following:
Working with the Search Results in the Enterprise Message Viewer
The Enterprise Message Viewer displays a page of the search results. You can page through the results with the Next and Previous buttons. You can examine the information about the message that was included in the search results or you can click the system name in the first column, which is a link to the Message Viewer on the system that runs the business production. You may be prompted for username and password to log onto the system. The link opens the Message Viewer on the system but does not select the individual message that you were examining on the Enterprise Message Viewer. You can use the message ID to search for the message.

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