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Deploying Free Evaluation Instances
If you are not yet an InterSystems IRIS user, you can explore its many features and try it out with your preferred languages and tools and your own code by deploying a free evaluation instance. There are several options for doing this:
InterSystems IRIS Community Edition
InterSystems IRIS Community Edition comes with a free built-in 13-month license (and some functionality restrictions). You can deploy Community Edition in two ways:
For instructions for deploying and using InterSystems IRIS Community Edition in the cloud or on your own system, see Getting Started with InterSystems IRIS Community Edition.
InterSystems Learning Labs
The InterSystems Learning Labs web page lets you quickly and easily launch a lab instance of InterSystems IRIS for training, development, and testing, with a free 30-day license. Your InterSystems Learning Labs instance includes an integrated IDE and plenty of samples to work with, and you can connect your own IDE.
To launch an InterSystems Learning Labs instance, you must be logged into; you can easily create an account if you do not have one. (Like Community Edition, the Learning Labs instance has some functionality restrictions.)

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