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Deploying InterSystems IRIS Community Edition on Your Own System
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Deploying InterSystems IRIS Community Edition on Your Own System
You can also deploy a containerized instance of InterSystems IRIS Community Edition on your own public cloud, private cloud, or hardware system by downloading the Docker container image from the Docker Store’s InterSystems IRIS Data Platform page. To do this,
  1. Ensure that Docker is installed on your system. (Docker images from InterSystems comply with the OCI support specification, and are supported on Docker Enterprise Edition and Community Edition, version 18.03 and later. Docker EE only is supported for production environments.)
  2. Click the Setup Instructions button on the Docker Store page to display instructions for pulling the image and running the container.
  3. At your system’s shell prompt, follow the instructions displayed. Make a note of the host ports to which you publish the InterSystems IRIS instance’s superserver and web server ports. For example, the instructions contain the following options:
    --publish 52773:52773 \
    --publish 51773:51773 \
    These options publish the instance’s superserver port and web server port as 51773 and 52773 on the host, respectively.
  4. Execute the docker ps -a command to see the status of the container, which is called try-iris, and ensure that it is running.
Once the container is running, you must secure the InterSystems IRIS instance running in the container by changing the default password, as described in Changing the InterSystems IRIS Password. Once this is done, you can continue with the instructions in Interacting with InterSystems IRIS.
The provided setup instructions are valid for most Docker environments; if you encounter any problems, see Creating and Running InterSystems IRIS Docker Containers and Additional Docker/InterSystems IRIS Considerations in Running InterSystems Products in Containers. For information specific to Docker for Windows, see Using InterSystems IRIS Containers with Docker for Windows on InterSystems Developer Community.

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