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License Keys for InterSystems IRIS Containers
Like any InterSystems IRIS instance, an instance running in a container requires a license key (typically called iris.key). For general information about InterSystems IRIS license keys, see the “Managing InterSystems IRIS Licensing” chapter of the System Administration Guide.
The InterSystems IRIS Community Edition image available from the Docker Store (as described in the previous section) comes with a special free temporary license. Generally, however, license keys are not, and cannot be, included in an InterSystems IRIS container image. Instead, you must stage a license key in a storage location accessible to the container, typically a mounted volume, and provide some mechanism for copying it into the container, where it can be activated for the InterSystems IRIS instance running there.
The iris-main program, which runs as the blocking entrypoint application of an InterSystems IRIS container, provides two options for handling the license key that can be used in a docker start or docker run command starting an InterSystems IRIS container, as follows:
See The iris-main Program for a list of iris-main options, and Running InterSystems IRIS Containers for examples of using the --key and --license-config options.

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