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Running an InterSystems IRIS Container: Docker Compose Example
Docker Compose, a tool for defining and running multicontainer Docker applications, offers an alternative to command-line interaction with Docker. To use Compose, you create a docker-compose.yml containing specifications for the containers you want to create, start, and manage, then use the docker-compose command. For more information, start with Overview of Docker Compose in the Docker documentation.
The following is an example of a compose.yml file. Like the preceding script, it incorporates only elements discussed in this document.
version: '3.2'

    image: intersystems/iris:2018.1.2.633.0
    command: --license-config "4691540832 iris,4002,/ISC/licenses" 
    hostname: iris

    # 51773 is the superserver default port
    - "9091:51773"
    # 52773 is the webserver/management portal port
    - "9092:52773"

    - isc:/ISC

    - ISC_DATA_DIRECTORY=/ISC/iris_conf.d

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