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Synchronized Reconfiguration of Multiple Web Gateway Containers

Synchronized Reconfiguration of Multiple Web Gateway Containers

When you deploy multiple Web Gateway containers as part of the same cluster (as in a web server tier), you will likely need a method for simultaneously updating their configurations, especially their server access configurations. The CSP.ini merge feature provides a convenient means of doing this. If you provide your own CSP.ini file at container creation, staged on a mounted external volume as described in Options for Running Web Gateway Containers, it is copied once to either the container’s file system, or to the durable %SYS directory if the latter exists. If the staged file remains in its original location, however, updates to the file are automatically merged to the instance’s active CSP.ini file (in either location), along with the setting [SYSTEM]/RELOAD=1Opens in a new tab, which causes the configuration to be reloaded by the Web Gateway within a minute. Therefore, if you deploy multiple Web Gateway containers by mounting the same staged CSP.ini file on the same external volume for all of them, you can reconfigure them all identically and simultaneously by updating the staged file.

When using this merge update approach, whether for a single Web Gateway container or multiple containers, it is important to takes steps to avoid changing the instances’ CSP.ini files by other means (such as through the Web Gateway management pages) or, if you do make such changes, do one of the following:

  • Remove fields from the staged CSP.ini file that you have changed by other means, possibly by deleting everything other than the fields you want to update.

  • Apply updates you have made by other means to the staged file. For example, you might change the file using the management pages, then copy the modified file to the staging location, overwriting the original staged file. If you are using the staged file for multiple containers, this would allow you to make the changes you want on one instance and then apply them to the rest through a merge update.


The staged file is never merged unless it has been modified. When durable %SYS is in use, a copy of the last merged file is kept in /webgateway/CSP.ini.last_merge in the durable %SYS directory.

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