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Explore and Alter the Durable %SYS Directory
To explore the durable %SYS feature of InterSystems IRIS containers, do the following:
  1. To see the instance-specific data written outside the container by InterSystems IRIS because you included the durable %SYS environment variable in your docker run command, display the contents of the directory you specified in that variable in the storage location you specified using the --volume option as the external volume to be mounted. For example, if that directory was specified as /nethome/pmartinez/iris_external/durable, as shown in the sample docker run, you’d do the following
    $ cd /nethome/pmartinez/iris_external
    $ ls
    durable iris.key
    $ ls durable
    csp  dist  httpd  iris.cpf  iris.cpf_20180417  _LastGood_.cpf  mgr
    $ ls durable/mgr
    alerts.log    irisaudit          iris.ids      irislocaldata  iristemp  IRIS.WIJ  journal.log   
    startup.last  SystemMonitor.log  user          ilock          IRIS.DAT  iris.lck  iris.shid      
    iris.use      journal            messages.log  stream         Temp
  2. Return the Management Portal for the InterSystems IRIS instance in the container and select System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > Journal Settings to display the Journal Settings page. Change the Secondary journal directory setting from /external/durable/mgr/journal/ to /external/durable/mgr/journal2/ and click Save.
  3. Return to the command line and list the mgr subdirectory of the durable %SYS directory again:
    $ ls /nethome/pmartinez/iris_external/durable/mgr
    alerts.log         irisaudit     iris.ids   iris.lck    iris.shid        iris.use      journal 
    journal.log        messages.log  stream     Temp        ilock            IRIS.DAT      iris.key  
    irislocaldata      iristemp      IRIS.WIJ   journal2    licmanager.port  startup.last  
    SystemMonitor.log  user
    The journal2 subdirectory has been added outside of the container because of the change you made to the InterSystems IRIS instance inside the container.
This example shows how durable %SYS enables you to upgrade a containerized InterSystems IRIS instance by creating a container from a new image. All persistent changes you make to the instance are stored outside the container in the durable %SYS directory; if you create and start a new container from any InterSystems IRIS image using the needed options — that is, the --volume option mounting the external storage location for durable %SYS and the --env ISC_DATA_DIRECTORY option specifying the durable %SYS location on that mounted volume, which must exist and contain a /mgr subdirectory — those changes are inherited by the instance because it uses the same data as the instance in the previous container.

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