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InterSystems IRIS in Docker Containers
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InterSystems IRIS in Docker Containers
Because a Docker container packages only the elements needed to run a containerized application and executes the application natively, it provides standard, well-understood application configuration, behavior, and access. If you are experienced with InterSystems IRIS running on Linux, it doesn’t matter what physical, virtual, or cloud systems and OS platforms your Linux-based InterSystems IRIS containers are running on; you interact with them all in the same way, just as you would with traditional InterSystems IRIS instances running on Linux systems.
The following describes different aspects of how InterSystems IRIS uses containers.
Docker images from InterSystems comply with the OCI support specification, and are supported on Docker Enterprise Edition and Community Edition, version 18.03 and later. Docker EE only is supported for production environments.
Not all combinations of platform and Docker version are supported by Docker; for detailed information from Docker on compatibility, see the Compatibility Matrix and About Docker CE.

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