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Using InterSystems IRIS Data Platform in a Public Cloud
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This document explains how to use and explore an InterSystems IRIS™ instance running in a Docker container on a public cloud platform. To get started, follow these steps:
  1. In your web browser, log into your cloud provider account, go to the provider’s marketplace, then find the InterSystems IRIS virtual machine (VM) image.
  2. Launch an instance of the InterSystems IRIS VM, then find the instance on the appropriate instances page.
  3. Select a method for connecting to and opening a command line on the instance. For example, you might make an SSH connection from your browser to open a command line in a new browser window.
  4. Verify that the InterSystems IRIS container is running on the instance by entering the command iris ps at the prompt; if it is, the output is like the following:
    CONTAINER ID   IMAGE               COMMAND                    CREATED        STATUS         \ 
    cec9cea25738   iris:2018.1.1-eval  "/iris-main --log /I ..."  4 seconds ago  Up 3 seconds   \ 
    PORTS                                               NAMES>51773/tcp,>52773/tcp  iris
    If the iris container is not listed with a Status of Up, enter the command iris start, which initializes the container and the InterSystems IRIS instance within it. For security, the tool asks you for a one-time password; the first time you log into the instance, you will change the password. When the process is complete the line Creating iris ... done displays,
    When the container is running, you can display information about the InterSystems IRIS instance inside it by entering the command iris info:
    The InterSystems IRIS container is running:
    Configuration 'IRIS' (default) 
                    directory: /usr/irissys
                    versionid: 2018.1.1.643.0
                    datadir: /ISC/IRIS_conf.d
                    conf file: iris.cpf (SuperServer port = 51773, WebServer = 52773)
                    status: running, since Thu Jul 19 16:08:22 2018
                    state: warn
                    product: InterSystems IRIS
    The /opt/ISC directory on the instance contains the iris tool for Docker, as well as instance-specific data as stored by the durable %SYS feature. By persisting this data, durable %SYS lets you upgrade an InterSystems IRIS container by stopping and removing the old one, then starting a new one using a new image and the same durable %SYS location.
    The storage locations for the instance’s data (including the DB database), journal files, and WIJ file can be found at /vol-data/, /vol-jrn1/, /vol-jrn2/, and /vol-wij/; these are linked to separate file systems located on separate cloud storage devices, in accordance with the InterSystems recommended best practice.
  5. You can interact with the InterSystems IRIS instance in the container in three ways:
  6. On the command line, outside the container, you can use the following additional commands:
For more information about using InterSystems IRIS in Docker containers, see First Look: InterSystems Products in Docker Containers and Running InterSystems Products in Docker Containers.
For InterSystems IRIS documentation, see