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Implementing InterSystems IRIS Business Intelligence
Query Statistics
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Query Statistics
If you execute a query programmatically (as described earlier in this book), you can call the %PrintStatistics() method of your result set. For example:
SAMPLES>do rs1.%PrintStatistics()
Query Statistics:
 Results Cache:                        0
 Query Tasks:                          1
 Computations:                        15
 Cache Hits:                           0
 Cells:                               10
 Slices:                               0
 Expressions:                          0
 Prepare:                          0.874 ms
 Execute Axes:                   145.762 ms
  Columns:                         0.385 ms
  Rows:                          144.768 ms
   Members:                      134.157 ms
 Execute Cells:                    6.600 ms
 Consolidate:                      1.625 ms
 Total Time:                     154.861 ms
ResultSet Statistics:
 Cells:                                0
 Parse:                            3.652 ms
 Display:                          0.000 ms
 Total Time:                       3.652 ms
The values shown here are as follows:

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