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About This Guide

This book describes, for developers, how to use the more advanced and less common InterSystems IRIS Business Intelligence modeling features: computed dimensions, unstructured data in cubes, compound cubes, cube relationships, term lists, quality measures, KPIs, plug-ins, and other advanced options. It includes the following sections:

For a detailed outline, see the table of contents.

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Also see the article Using PMML Models in InterSystems IRIS®.

Accessing the Samples Shown in This Book

Most of the samples in this book are part of the Samples-BI sample ( in a new window) or the Samples-Aviation sample ( in a new window).

InterSystems recommends that you create a dedicated namespace called SAMPLES (for example) and load samples into that namespace. For the general process, see Downloading Samples for Use with InterSystems IRIS.

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