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Managing Productions
Archive Basics
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Archive Basics
The page displays the following archive settings for the active namespace:
The Archive Manager requires you to identify a namespace in which to keep the archive. InterSystems strongly recommends that you keep this archive in a namespace that meets both of the following criteria:
Click Edit to the right of the namespace to update these settings. Change the information in the fields and then click Save. If the save is successful, the page is refreshed with the new settings displayed. If the save failed, the form displays the error message from the server.
The Archive history display provides information about the last or current archive. For example:
Archive start time  2012-01-05 12:06:10
Archive stop time  2012-01-05 12:06:10
Total messages processed  70 - 100% finished
Total messages archived  0
Total message headers deleted  0
Total message bodies deleted  0
Archive status  idle

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