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Configure the Web Gateway

Configure the Web Gateway

Next, adjust the Web Gateway configuration on the web server, Machine W. Although this configuration information is stored in the configuration file, always use the Web Gateway management pages to update the configuration:

  1. Navigate to the Web Gateway management pages main menu by pointing a browser to:


    (Bookmarking this URL is helpful). This link is for your external web server, not the Private Web Server supplied with InterSystems IRIS.

    Note that the link above is correct if you are on the same system that the web server is running on using port 80. If you are trying to access the management pages from a remote system, you are denied access by default. You can configure the web server to allow remote access through the Web Gateway management pages Default Parameters page. Set the System Manager Machine/s field to the IP address of the remote system. This field accepts a comma- or plus-separated list of IP address of machines that can access the Web Gateway management pages.

    For additional information, see Enabling Access from Additional Client Addresses.

  2. Select Server Access in the left-hand menu. If IRIS is installed on the web server, the InterSystems IRIS installation configures a LOCAL web server to connect to the InterSystems IRIS instance on the local machine, Machine W.

  3. Create a new server to represent the InterSystems IRIS instance running on the remote machine, Machine I:

    1. Select Add Server.

    2. Enter a name for the server (Machine I for example).

    3. Enter the IP Address and Superserver TCP Port of the remote InterSystems IRIS server running on Machine I.

    4. Modify the Connection Security settings to match the level of authentication expected by Machine I for Web Gateway connections. See Web Gateway and Security for details.

    5. Select Save Configuration.

    For additional information, see Adding a Server Configuration.

  4. Select Application Access in the left-hand menu to associate the path to the web application on the remote InterSystems IRIS server, Machine I, with the server configuration previously created for Machine I. The default paths are predefined for / and /csp.

  5. Create a new application path to represent the web application running on the remote machine, Machine I. You can either copy an existing configuration (such as /csp) or select Add Application to manually create a new path configuration. The path you create for the application must match that defined for the application in the InterSystems IRIS instance on Machine I.

    For example, the default path to the Management Portal is /csp/sys. If you are creating a new application, choose your own path name. For example: /myapp or /csp/myapp. Having created the new path, modify the Server 0 parameter for the path such that it takes the value of the InterSystems IRIS server configuration that you previously set up for Machine I.

  6. Finally, save the new path configuration.

    For additional information, see Adding an Application Path.

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