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Known Issues and Notes

This chapter describes issues that InterSystems is aware of in InterSystems IRIS 2020.2 and notes related to this version of the product. These issues will be addressed in future releases.

Issue Using MultiValue Feature

InterSystems has identified some issues with InterSystems IRIS MultiValue. We are investigating those and will fix them in a future release. If you are upgrading a MultiValue based application from Caché or Ensemble to InterSystems IRIS, you should thoroughly test your application on InterSystems IRIS before upgrading a production system. If you encounter any issues or want more information about the issues we have encountered, contact your sales engineer or the InterSystems Worldwide Response Center.

Interoperability X12 Validation Issue

While the ASC X12 Implementation Guide supports certain subloops and segments within subloops appearing in any order, the InterSystems IRIS validation logic does not. If a message includes a subloop or segment within a subloop that is out of order relative to the schema, InterSystems IRIS may flag the message as invalid.

For details on X12 validation, see “X12 Validation” .

Some Interoperability PEX Methods Should Be Abstract

Some of the PEX methods described in PEX: Developing Productions in Java and .NET are documented as abstract methods that need to be overridden by your implementation. The jar file provided in this release does not mark them as abstract and you will not get an error when you compile them. But in a future release, these will be marked as abstract and omitting them in your implementation will cause a compile error.

EnsLib.HL7.Segment GetValueAt() 32 KB Limitation

The GetValueAt() method of the EnsLib.HL7.Segment class truncates values larger than 32 KB.

As a workaround, use one of the following methods:

See the entry for EnsLib.HL7.Segment in the Class Reference for details.