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ICM Commands and Options
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ICM Commands and Options
The first table that follows lists the commands that can be executed on the ICM command line; the second table lists the options that can be included with them. Both tables include links to relevant text.
Each of the commands is covered in detail in the “Using ICM” chapter. Command-line options can be used either to provide required or optional arguments to commands (for example, icm exec -interactive) or to set field values, overriding ICM defaults or settings in the configuration files (for example, icm run -namespace "MIRROR1").
The command table does not list every option that can be used with each command, and the option table does not list every command that can include each option.
ICM Commands
Command Description Important Options
Provisions compute nodes
-definitions, -defaults, -instances
Lists provisioned compute nodes
-machine, -role, -json
Destroys compute nodes
-stateDir, cleanup, force
Executes an operating system command on one or more compute nodes
-command, -machine, -role
Copies a local file to one or more compute nodes
-localPath, -remotePath, -machine, -role
Deploys a container on compute nodes
-image, -container, -namespace, -options, -iscPassword, -command, -machine, -role
Displays run states of containers deployed on compute nodes
-container, -json
Stops containers on one or more compute nodes
-container, -machine, -role
Starts containers on one or more compute nodes
-container, -machine, -role
Downloads an image to one or more compute nodes
-image, -container, -machine, -role
Deletes containers from one or more compute nodes
-container, -machine, -role
Replaces containers on one or more compute nodes
-image, -container, -machine, -role
Executes an operating system command in one or more containers
-container, -command, -interactive. -options, -machine, -role
Opens an interactive session for an InterSystems IRIS instance in a container or executes an InterSystems IRIS ObjectScriptScript snippet on one or more instances
-namespace, -command, -interactive, , -options, -machine, -role
Copies a local file to one or more containers
-localPath, -remotePath, -machine, -role
Executes a SQL statement on the InterSystems IRIS instance
-namespace, -command, -machine, -role
Executes a Docker command on one or more compute nodes
-container, -machine, -role
ICM Command-Line Options
Option Meaning Default Described in
-help Display command usage information and ICM version   ---
-version Display ICM version   ---
-verbose Show execution detail False (can be used with any command)
-definitions filepath Compute node definitions file ./definitions.json Configuration, State and Log Files
-defaults filepath Compute node defaults file ./defaults.json
-instances filepath Compute node instances file ./instances.json
-stateDir dir Machine state directory OS-specific The State Directory and State Files
-force Don't confirm before reprovisioning or unprovisioning False
-cleanUp Delete state direcorty after unprovisioning False
-machine regexp Target machine name pattern match (all) icm inventoryicm exec
-role role Role of the InterSystems IRIS instance or instances for which a command is run, for example DM or QS (all) icm inventory
-namespace namespace Namespace to create on deployed InterSystems IRIS instances and set as default execution namespace for the session and sql commands USER The Definitions Fileicm session
-image image Docker image to deploy; must include repository name. DockerImage value in definitions file icm run
-options options Additional Docker options none Using ICM with Custom and Third-Party Containers
-container name Name of the container icm ps command: (all)
other commands: iris
icm run
-command cmd Command or query to execute none icm sshicm exec
-interactive Redirect input/output to console for the exec and ssh commands False icm ssh
-localPath path Local file or directory none icm scp
-remotePath path Remote file or directory /home/SSHUser (value of SSHUser field)
-iscPassword password Password for deployed InterSystems IRIS instances iscPassword value in configuration file icm run
-json Enable JSON response mode False Using JSON Mode
Use of the -verbose option, which is intended for debugging purposes only, may expose the value of iscPassword and other sensitive information, such as DockerPassword. When you use this option, you must either use the -force option as well or confirm that you want to use verbose mode before continuing.

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