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Obtain Security-Related Files
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Obtain Security-Related Files
ICM communicates securely with the cloud provider on which it provisions the infrastructure, with the operating system of each provisioned node, and with Docker and several InterSystems IRIS services following container deployment. Before defining your deployment, you must obtain the credentials and other files needed to enable secure communication.
Cloud Provider Credentials
To use ICM with one of the public cloud platforms, you must create an account and download administrative credentials. To do this, follow the instructions provided by the cloud provider; you can also find information about how to download your credentials once your account exists in the Provider-Specific Parameters section. In the ICM configuration files, you identify the location of these credentials using the Credentials parameter.
When using ICM with a vSphere private cloud, you can use an existing account with the needed privileges, or create a new one. You specify these using the Username and Password fields.
SSH and SSL/TLS Keys
ICM uses SSH to provide secure access to the operating system of provisioned nodes, and SSL/TLS to establish secure connections to Docker, InterSystems Web Gateway, JDBC, and mirrored InterSystems IRIS databases. The locations of the files needed to enable this secure communication are specified using several ICM parameters, including:
You can create these files, either for use with ICM, or to review them in order to understand which are needed, using two scripts provided with ICM, located in the directory /ICM/bin in the ICM container. The script creates the needed SSH files and places them in the directory /Samples/ssh in the ICM container. The script creates the needed SSL/TLS files and places them in /Samples/tls. You can then specify these locations when defining your deployment, or obtain your own files based on the contents of these directories.
For more information about the security files required by ICM and generated by the keygen* scripts, see ICM Security and Security-Related Parameters in the “ICM Reference” chapter.
The keys generated by these scripts, as well as your cloud provider credentials, must be fully secured, as they provide full access to any ICM deployments in which they are used.
The keys by the keygen* scripts are intended as a convenience for your use in your initial test deployments. (Some have strings specific to InterSystems Corporation.) In production, the needed keys should be generated or obtained in keeping with your company's security policies.

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