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Using InterSystems Natural Language Processing (NLP)
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This book describes how to use the NLP semantic analysis engine to access and analyze unstructured data on InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™. Commonly, unstructured data consists of a large number of text sources, such as a collection of newspaper articles or a collection of doctors’ notes. You load this text data into NLP, and then use NLP to retrieve meaningful information. NLP operates on data loaded from source texts; it does not modify source texts. NLP can perform semantic analysis on texts in Czech (cs), Dutch (nl), English (en), French (fr), German (de), Japanese (ja), Portuguese (pt), Russian (ru), Spanish (es), Swedish (sv), and Ukrainian (uk).
The book addresses a number of topics:
For a detailed outline, see the Table of Contents.
The SQL Search, an SQL facility for performing text search operations uses many of the features of NLP.
Also see “Using Unstructured Data in Cubes” in Advanced Modeling for InterSystems Business Intelligence.

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