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Create/Modify a Namespace

Create/Modify a Namespace

You can create a new namespace at any time, but when you are first setting up the system, create the basic ones that your users need. To create a namespace, click Create New Namespace to display the New Namespace page, then do the following:

  1. Enter a Name for the namespace.

    Namespace names must be at least one character (but not more than 255 characters) long, starting with an alphabetic character or a percent sign (%) followed by an arbitrary number of alphanumeric characters, dashes, or underscores.


    Do not specify the following reserved system names: BIN, BROKER, DOCUMATIC, %SYS.

  2. You can Copy from an existing namespace, creating a duplicate of the selected namespace. In this case, all other options will be made unavailable except for the Web application check box described in step 6 below.

  3. Choose whether the default database for globals is local or remote.

  4. Select an existing database for Globals for the default Global mapping of this namespace or click Create New Database, which launches either the database wizard or the remote database wizard.

  5. Optionally, you can choose whether the default database for routines is local or remote, then either use the Select an existing database for Routines drop-down to choose a database for the default Routine mapping of this namespace, or click Create New Database, which launches either the database wizard or the remote database wizard.

  6. Select the Create a default Web application for this namespace check box if you are creating a web application that accesses this namespace.

  7. Optionally, you can clear the Enable namespace for interoperability productions checkbox. For more information, see Create an Interoperability-Enabled Namespace below.

  8. After entering the required information, click Save to add your namespace to the configuration.

Create an Interoperability-Enabled Namespace

When you create a namespace on an InterSystems IRIS instance, the Enable namespace for interoperability productions check box is displayed at the bottom of the New Namespace page and is automatically selected. To create a namespace that is not interoperability-enabled, clear this check box before clicking Save.

If you do not clear the check box and create an interoperability-enabled namespace, the system automatically performs additional configuration tasks for the new namespace, as follows:

  • If the default globals database for this namespace is an existing database, it upgrades and recompiles some classes in that database.


    If you are also using this database in other namespaces, you might consider this change undesirable. When you create a new namespace in an InterSystems IRIS instance, carefully consider whether it is appropriate for this namespace to reuse an existing database.

  • It defines global mappings, routine mappings, and package mappings that make the InterSystems IRIS system classes and data available to the namespace.

  • It adds nodes to the ^%SYS global.

  • It creates a web application for the namespace, using the application name required by InterSystems IRIS: /csp/namespace.