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Using the Terminal
Connecting to Remote Hosts
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To connect the current Terminal session to a database on a remote host, use the Connect menu.
If you start the Terminal with either the /console or the /server control argument, the Connect menu item is not shown.
This example starts an instance of the Terminal and then manually connects it to the TELNET port on the local host to enable a console session. The example assumes that the default user ID and password are available.
  1. Select Connect > Host.
  2. In the dialog box that appears, enter for the Remote System address and 23 for the Port Number. Select OK.
    The Terminal application then attempts to connect to your local host via the TELNET port.
  3. At the Username: prompt, enter SYS and press Enter.
  4. Then, at the Password: prompt, enter a password and press Enter.
    You then see a prompt (%SYS>) that indicates that you are connected and have been placed in the %SYS namespace.
  5. Enter ObjectScript commands as needed.
  6. To terminate the session, select Connect >Disconnect. Or, to terminate this Terminal, select the Close box in the upper right of the window.

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