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Modify the CPF programmatically (change settings such as memory and journal settings, define mappings, configure devices, and so on).

Background Information

The CPF (Configuration Parameter File) contains a set of parameters that affect how InterSystems IRIS operates. InterSystems IRIS reads this file for configuration settings when it starts up. The default CPF can be customized as desired as part of InterSystems IRIS deployment. See “Introduction to the Configuration Parameter File” in the Configuration Parameter File Reference for more information.

The CPF can be modified programmatically through a number of classes. Most individual settings can also be modified using the Management Portal.

Available Tools

configuration merge file

The ISC_CPF_MERGE_FILE environment variable lets you specify a separate file containing one or more configuration settings to be merged into the CPF with which a new instance is installed or deployed before the instance is first started. This feature supports the deployment of multiple instances from the same source (container image or installation kit) with different configuration settings.

Config package

Most of the classes in this package enable you to modify the CPF. Classes in this package include:

Many of these classes are persistent and many provide class queries.

Availability: %SYS namespace.

Provides the following method:

  • GetCPFFileName()

Availability: All namespaces.

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