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Connect from Java to InterSystems IRIS or from InterSystems IRIS to Java.
Connecting from Java to InterSystems IRIS
To connect to and leverage an InterSystems IRIS database from Java, the available tools are:
Enables you to access InterSystems IRIS as a JDBC-compliant database. InterSystems IRIS includes a high-performance, pure Java, Type 4 JDBC database driver that is fully compliant with the JDBC 4.2 specification. This is a single standalone JAR file with no dependencies.
If you are already familiar with JDBC, and have a JDK 1.7 or 1.8 installed, just add the JDBC driver to your local CLASSPATH. The connection string is:
See First Look: JDBC and InterSystems Databases, Using Java with the InterSystems JDBC Driver, and the InterSystems IRIS JDBC Javadoc.
Provides high-performance Java persistence for simple to medium-complexity object schemas. XEP projects a Java object as a persistent event, which is a persistent database object that stores the state of a Java object. XEP is optimized for transaction processing applications that require extremely fast and simple data persistence; you can use XEP for object persistence to avoid the need an object/relational mapping (ORM). See First Look: XEP Object Persistence with InterSystems IRIS, Persisting Java Objects with InterSystems XEP, and the InterSystems IRIS XEP Javadoc.
Native API
Provides direct access to globals, which are tree-based sparse arrays at the core of InterSystems IRIS. The Native API for Java exposes these arrays and provides very fast and flexible access to them. The Native API also includes the ability to call InterSystems IRIS class methods and routines. See First Look: InterSystems IRIS Native API and Using the InterSystems Native API for Java.
Provides a framework for mapping Java classes to relational tables, also known as an object/relational mapping (ORM). InterSystems IRIS includes a Hibernate dialect. See “Hibernate Support” in the Implementation Reference for Java Third Party APIs.
Connecting from InterSystems IRIS to Java
To connect to and leverage Java from an InterSystems IRIS database, the available tools are:
Java Gateway
Enables InterSystems IRIS to interoperate with Java components. The Java Gateway can instantiate an external Java object and manipulate it as if it were a native object within InterSystems IRIS. See Using the Java Gateway in Productions.
Java Business Hosts
Enables InterSystems IRIS productions to interoperate with Java. See First Look: Connecting Systems Using Java Business Hosts and the Java Business Hosts Javadoc.
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