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Deploy in Containers

Deploying InterSystems IRIS® in Docker containers is agile, highly repeatable, and well suited to public cloud platforms. Containers cleanly separate code from data and support CI/CD and a DevOps approach, so you can push improvements to the field fast. Start with our images and add your application, or create your own images from scratch.

Get acquainted

images/page_videoplaylist.pngDocker Containers and InterSystems IRIS

Try it

images/page_interactive.pngFirst Look: InterSystems Products in Docker Containers

images/page_interactive.pngHands-On with Docker Containers

images/page_isc.pngDeploy and Explore InterSystems IRIS (includes free containerized instance and container image for evaluation)

Read all about it

images/page_book.pngRunning InterSystems Products in Containers

Explore more

images/page_isc.pngWhat is a Container? / What is a Container Image?

images/page_isc.pngContinuous Delivery of your InterSystems solution using GitLab

images/page_navpage.png Deploy with InterSystems Cloud Manager

images/page_navpage.png Deploy using the InterSystems Kubernetes Operator

images/page_external.png Docker Documentation