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Handling Different Message Formats in Interoperability Productions

Interoperability productions allow you to connect systems that can use different message formats. You can use data transformations to convert one format into another.

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documentation icon Introduction to Interoperability Productions

Online course icon Data Transformation BasicsOpens in a new window

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interactive icon First Look: Data Transformations

interactive icon Building Custom Production MessagesOpens in a new window

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Message formats

documentation icon XML

documentation icon X12

documentation icon Using the Record Mapper (delimited or fixed column records)

documentation icon Using the Complex Record Mapper (multiline record structures)

documentation icon Using MQTT Adapters in Productions (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport format)

Developing adapters for message formats

documentation iconDeveloping Data Transformations

documentation icon Defining Messages

documentation icon PEX: Developing Productions with Java and .NET (using format adapters from Java or .NET libraries)

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interactive icon Record Mapper IntroductionOpens in a new window

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