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Developing Interoperability Productions

Interoperability productions allow you to connect systems that can use different communication protocols and different message formats. You can develop productions using Java, .NET, ObjectScript, SQL, or the graphic editors for business processes, data transformations and business rules

Get acquainted

images/page_book.png Introduction to Interoperability Productions

Try it

images/page_interactive.png ObjectScript: Building Custom Business Components

Read all about it

images/page_book.png PEX: Developing Productions with Java and .NET

images/page_book.png Developing Productions in ObjectScript

images/page_book.png Configuring Productions

images/page_book.png Developing productions with SQL

Explore more

images/page_classroom.png ObjectScript: Developing System Integrations

images/page_book.png Developing BPL Processes

images/page_book.png Developing Data Transformations

images/page_book.png Developing Business Rules

images/page_book.png Using the Java Gateway