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Configuring, Deploying, Managing, and Monitoring Interoperability Productions

Interoperability productions allow you to connect systems that can use different communication protocols and different message formats. Once you have created a production, you can configure it, deploy it to other systems, manage it, and monitor its behavior and the messages being sent.

Get acquainted

images/page_book.png Introduction to Interoperability Productions

Read all about it

images/page_book.png Managing Productions

images/page_book.png Configuring Productions

images/page_book.png Monitoring productions

images/page_book.png Testing Productions

images/page_book.png Testing and Debugging

images/page_book.png Deploying productions

Explore more

images/page_classroom.pngManaging InterSystems Integrations

images/page_interactive.png Introduction to Troubleshooting Productions

images/page_videoplaylist.pngViewing Interface Maps

images/page_book.png Viewing Interface Maps (mapping possible message paths)

images/page_book.png Defining an Enterprise Message Bank (archiving messages on a specialized server)

images/page_book.png Lifecycle of a Production and Its Parts