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To enable Java developers to leverage the scalability, connectivity, and reliability of the InterSystems IRIS® data platform, InterSystems IRIS supports several types of connections to and from Java applications.

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images/page_book.pngInterSystems Java Connectivity Options

images/page_navpage.pngJava IDEs

Try it

images/page_interactive.png Java Quick Start

images/page_interactive.pngExperience Java and InterSystems IRIS

images/page_interactive.pngDesigning a Java Connection Strategy

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images/page_book.pngUsing Java with InterSystems Software

Connect a Java application to InterSystems IRIS

images/page_navpage.pngJDBC API

For relational access

images/page_navpage.pngXEP API

For high speed object access

images/page_navpage.pngNative API

For direct access to data

images/page_navpage.pngHibernate API

For complex object data models

Connect InterSystems IRIS to an external application

images/page_book.png Using the Java Gateway

For instantiating external Java objects and manipulating them like native objects in InterSystems IRIS

images/page_book.png Using the InterSystems SQL Gateway

For connecting to external databases via JDBC

images/page_book.png Using the InterSystems Spark Connector

For using InterSystems IRIS as an Apache Spark data source

Explore more

images/page_interactive.pngFirst Look: The Java Gateway and InterSystems Products

images/page_interactive.pngStock Trading with Java

images/page_interactive.pngUsing a Java Shared Memory Connection

images/page_isc.pngInterSystems Developer Community