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InterSystems IRIS® data platform provides everything you need to secure your applications, your data, and the privacy of your users. There are built-in tools, and you can also connect your application to external security infrastructure.

Major features

images/page_navpage.pngAuthentication mechanisms

images/page_navpage.pngAuthorization mechanisms


images/page_navpage.pngEncryption (both databases and data elements)

images/page_navpage.pngProgrammatic security activities

images/page_book.pngTLS support

images/page_navpage.pngSQL security tools

images/page_book.pngWeb Services security

images/page_book.pngOAuth 2.0 and OpenID connect (as client, resource server, or authorization server)

Explore more

images/page_navpage.pngApplication development

images/page_navpage.pngPlatform management