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Web Services Quick Start Tutorial
Creating Proxy Classes using the Wizard: Part 2
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Complete the following steps to finish creating the proxy classes using the Web Services Client Wizard:
  1. After you click Next on the screen displaying the packages and XML Namespaces to be generated, the wizard generates the proxy classes. In this case it generates 3 classes:
    1. ContactApplication.SOAPServiceSoap — The SOAP Client Class.
    2. ContactApplication.s0.Contact — A SOAP Type class.
    3. ContactApplication.s0.PhoneNumber — A SOAP Type class.
  2. Click Finish. The code is generated on the server. The SOAP Wizard then allows you to indicate which of the generated classes you would like to be copied from the server into your Atelier workspace. Leave all of the classes selected (the default option) and click Finish. Note that the classes have not been added to your project. In order to view them, you must look at the ContactApplication package in your project's Server Resources.