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Web Services Quick Start Tutorial
WSDL-First Service Creation with the SOAP Wizard
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Here are the steps for using the SOAP Wizard to generate an InterSystems IRIS web service from a WSDL:
  1. In Studio, click Tools->Add-Ins->Add-Ins.
  2. On the Add-Ins menu, click SOAP Wizard and then click OK.
  3. On the first SOAP Client Wizard screen do the following:
    1. Click URL for the Select a WSDL File or URL option.
    2. Enter the URL of a Web Servics application's WSDL in the Enter a WSDL URL: box.
    3. Click Next.
  4. You will see the address of the WSDL along with its contents displayed on the lower half of the screen.
    Select and/or Enter the following information onto the top-half of the screen:
    Click Next
  5. The Package Names screen shows you the packages for your generated classes. It also displays the option for using “Unwrapped messages”. See the Note below for more information on this option.
    Click Next.
  6. The wizard creates and compiles your classes.
  7. The wizard has generated the classes on the server. The last screen of the wizard provides the opportunity to copy them to your Atelier workspace. Leave both classes selected and click Finish
  8. Find the generated classes in your Atelier project. The generated Web methods will only be shells. You must provide the actual implementation. Here is an example Web Method shell:
    /// Get Stock quote for a company Symbol
    Method GetQuote(symbol As %String) 
                As %String [ Final,  
                             ProcedureBlock = 1, 
                             SoapAction = "http://www.webserviceX.NET/GetQuote", 
                             SoapBindingStyle = document, 
                             SoapBodyUse = literal, WebMethod ]
     // Web Service Method Implementation Goes Here.
For more information on WSDL-first development using the SOAP Wizard, read Creating a Web Service Based on a WSDL in the Creating Web Services section of Creating Web Services and Web Clients.
For more information about “wrapped” and “unwrapped” messages see the SOAP Message Variations section of Creating Web Services and Web Clients.

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