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Example: Viewing the Report in the Unit Test Portal

The portal organizes the test results into a series of reports. Each test report organizes test results into a series of hyperlinked pages. Follow the links to find increasingly specific information.

The first page provides a summary for all test suites. In this case, all test suites passed.

generated description: testreport2 allsuites 20181

Click the id number in ID column for the report that you wish to view.

The second page displays results by each test suite. In this example, mytests is the test suite and it passed .

generated description: testreport2 testsuite 20181

Click mytests.

The third page displays results by each test case. In this example, the single test case,MyPackage.Tests, passed.

generated description: testreport2 testcase 20181

Click MyPackage.Tests

The fourth page shows the results broken out by test method. Here the single test method, TestAdd, passed.

generated description: testreport2 testmethod 20181

Click TestAdd.

The final page displays results for each AssertX macro used in a test method. In this example, AssertEquals and AssertNotEquals both passed.

generated description: testreport2 asserts 20181

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