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To enable .NET developers to leverage the scalability, connectivity, and reliability of the InterSystems IRIS® data platform, InterSystems IRIS supports several types of connections to and from .NET applications.

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video icon.NET Overview

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interactive icon .NET QuickStart

interactive iconExperience .NET and InterSystems IRIS

interactive iconDesigning a .NET Connection Strategy

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documentation iconUsing the InterSystems Managed Provider for .NET

documentation iconUsing the Object Gateway for .NET

Connect a .NET application to InterSystems IRIS

Navigation iconADO.NET (for relational access)

Navigation iconXEP API (for high-speed object access)

Navigation iconNative API (for direct access to data)

Navigation iconEntity Framework (for object-relational mapping)

Connect InterSystems IRIS to an external application

Navigation icon.NET Gateway (for instantiating and manipulating external .NET objects)

documentation icon Using the InterSystems SQL Gateway (for connecting to external databases via ODBC)

documentation icon Using the InterSystems ODBC Driver (for connecting to external ODBC data sources)

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