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Unprovision the Infrastructure
Because AWS and other public cloud platform instances continually generate charges, it is important that you unprovision your infrastructure immediately after completing this experience.
To do this, copy the icm unprovision command you saved from the output of icm provision to the ICM command line, for example:
$ icm unprovision -stateDir /Samples/AWS/ICM-2416821167214483124 -cleanUp
This command deallocates the provisioned infrastructure based on the state files created during provisioning, so the -stateDir option is required; you cannot simply enter icm unprovision. If you did not save the command from the provisioning output, you can find it in the icm.log file in your working directory (for example, /Samples/AWS/icm.log). The -cleanUp option deletes the state directory after unprovisioning; without it, the state directory is preserved.

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