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Returns a set that consists of the cross-product of the given sets, excluding any tuples that are null.

Returned Type

This function returns a set of tuples.

Syntax and Details

NONEMPTYCROSSJOIN(set_expression1, set_expression2)


The function identifies all the members of each set and then generates a set of tuples that combine each member of the first set with each member of the second set. The returned set does not include empty tuples.


If you use this function in a query that refers to a compound cube, it returns the same results as CROSSJOIN. This is necessary to ensure that the subqueries have the same number of rows and can be combined. In this case, to exclude empty tuples, precede the function with the keyword phrase NON EMPTY.


For example:

NONEMPTYCROSSJOIN(diagd.MEMBERS, aged.[age group].MEMBERS) ON 1 FROM patients
                             Patient Count
 1 None->0 to 29                        363
 2 None->30 to 59                       348
 3 None->60+                            120
 4 asthma->0 to 29                       36
 5 asthma->30 to 59                      37
 6 asthma->60+                           11
 7 CHD->30 to 59                         13
 8 CHD->60+                              23
 9 diabetes->0 to 29                      1
10 diabetes->30 to 59                    20
11 diabetes->60+                         25
12 osteoporosis->60+                     22
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