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InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2019.4 / System Interoperability / Business Process and Data Transformation Language Reference / DTL Elements / DTL <switch>
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DTL <switch>

Evaluate <case> elements and execute the contents of the first one that evaluates to true.


   <case condition="1">




Element Purpose
<annotation> Optional. A text string that describes the <switch> element.
<case> The first <case> element that evaluates to true is executed.
<default> Optional. If none of the <case> elements evaluate to true, the contents of the <default> element are executed.


The <switch> element contains one or more <case> elements along with an optional <default> element. The contents of a <case> element are executed if the condition evaluates to true. Once a <case> element evaluates to true, none of the other <case> elements nor the <default> element are evaluated. The contents of the <default> element are executed if none of the <case> elements evaluate to true.
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