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Structure of an InterSystems Web Application URL

Structure of an InterSystems Web Application URL

The Web Gateway allows you to serve InterSystems IRIS web applications at URLs which follow the following format:


An InterSystems IRIS instance usually hosts multiple web applications. The URLs for all the web applications which are hosted by an instance share in common the base URL for the instance. The base URL is the following portion of an InterSystems web application URL:


The following table describes each part of these URLs.

URL Part Description

http or https, depending on whether or not you have configured your web server to use TLS. InterSystems strongly recommends the use of TLS.


The IP address or DNS name where your web server is available. When the web server is on the same machine as the client, this is usually localhost.


The port number over which your web server is listening for requests. You do not need to specify a port number unless your web server is listening for requests on a port other than the standard ports for HTTP (80) or HTTPS (443).


A string which uniquely identifies one of your InterSystems IRIS application servers.

If you do not need to discriminate between multiple InterSystems IRIS instances, you can configure the Web Gateway to serve web applications at URLs which omit this portion of the path, as in the preceding example. However, if you serve multiple InterSystems IRIS instances using a single web server and you must access a web application unique to one instance (such as an instance’s Management Portal), you must configure your web server and Web Gateway to route requests to the instance using this identifier as a prefix to the application path. This identifier is the CSPConfigName for the instance. By default, an instance’s CSPConfigName is its instance name, in all lowercase characters. However, it can be configured.

If the application in the preceding example were exclusively available on the InterSystems IRIS application server named iris2, then you could configure the /iris2 path within the web server and Web Gateway configurations to serve the application at the following URL:

[appPath] The relative path unique to the application within each InterSystems IRIS application server. When you define an application within an InterSystems IRIS application server, this is the application’s Name.
[fileOrQuery] Optional. Any combination of subordinate path, file name, and query parameters which the application may use to process the request.

The instancePrefix identifier is not available when an InterSystems IRIS instance is running within a container. To access to the Management Portal and other built-in web applications for a specific instance in a multi-instance cluster, you must deploy a dedicated Web Gateway container for each InterSystems IRIS container. The specific procedure depends on the manner of deployment. For more information on this topic, see Web Access Using the Web Gateway Container.

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