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High Availability Guide
InterSystems: The power behind what matters   

Preface : 
Chapter 1: 
1.1 No Failover Strategy
1.2 Failover Cluster
1.3 Virtualization HA
1.4 InterSystems IRIS Mirroring
1.5 Using Distributed Caching with a Failover Strategy
Chapter 2: 
2.1 Mirroring Architecture and Planning
2.2 Configuring Mirroring
       2.2.1 Mirror Configuration Guidelines
       2.2.2 Installing the Arbiter
       2.2.3 Starting the ISCAgent
       2.2.4 Securing Mirror Communication with SSL/TLS Security
       2.2.5 Using the ^MIRROR Routine
       2.2.6 Creating a Mirror
       2.2.7 Adding Databases to a Mirror
       2.2.8 Editing or Removing Mirror Members
       2.2.9 Activating Journal Encryption in a Mirror
       2.2.10 Configuring Application Server Connections to a Mirror
       2.2.11 Configuring a Mirror Virtual IP (VIP)
       2.2.12 Configuring the ISCAgent
       2.2.13 Configuring the Quality of Service (QoS) Timeout Setting
       2.2.14 Configuring Parallel Dejournaling
       2.2.15 Using the ^ZMIRROR Routine
2.3 Managing Mirroring
2.4 Mirror Outage Procedures