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Inventory Facility (Tools/APIs)

Create a catalog of your code.

Background Information

The Inventory facility is provided to enumerate and catalog the file and routine components of an InterSystems IRIS® data platform system. Inventories are run during installation and upgrade, and can be used to identify changes in an InterSystems IRIS system over time.

InterSystems uses this facility to identify changes systematically between releases, and it is available for your use as well.

Available Tools

Inventory package

Enables you to create a catalog of your code. Inventory.Scan is a persistent class that represents the results of scanning the installation and examining its components. Other persistent classes contain additional details.

Inventory.Scanner is a utility class for initializing and manipulating inventory scans.

In advanced cases, you can customize this system to scan your own new kinds of "components" or your application code.

See the class reference for these classes and other classes in the Inventory package.

Availability: %SYS namespace.

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