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Configuration Parameter File Reference
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Set the port number for the InterSystems IRIS superserver.
[Startup]    DefaultPort=n
n is a valid port number. The default is 51773.
DefaultPort is the port number for the InterSystems IRIS superserver. The superserver listens on a specified port (51773 by default) for incoming connections to InterSystems IRIS and dispatches them to the appropriate subsystem.
A standard InterSystems IRIS installation sets the superserver port number to 51773, or if that port is in use by another InterSystems IRIS instance on the same system, the next unused port number.
Changing This Parameter
On the Memory and Startup page (System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > Memory and Startup), enter a number in the Superserver Port Number field.
You can also change this parameter by editing the CPF file in a text editor.

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