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Specify whether the instance should join the mirror in its previous role or obtain its new role from the current primary before joining the mirror.


[MirrorMember]    ValidatedMember=n

n is either 1 or 0.


When ValidatedMember is enabled (n = 1), the instance joins the mirror in its current role.

When this parameter is not enabled, the instance contacts the primary to obtain its current role before joining the mirror. Use this when there have been role changes within the mirror while the instance and its ISCAgent were down or unreachable. For example, if a DR async has been promoted to backup while the former backup was down, set ValidatedMember to 0 before restarting the instance to ensure that the former backup receives its new role of DR async from the primary before restarting the mirror.

Changing This Parameter

You can change ValidatedMember in the Config.MirrorMemberOpens in a new tab class (as described in the class reference) or by editing the CPF in a text editor (as described in Editing the Active CPF).

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