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Define a journal archive target for use in configuring journal settings.


[Archives]    Name=Type,Location

Name, Type, and Location are strings.


The [Archives] section of the configuration parameter (CPF) file contains an entry for every journal archive target defined for this instance, as follows:

  • Name is the name of the archive target.

  • Type is the type of the target, one of the following:

    • s3 specifies an AWS S3 location.

    • rsync specifies an on-premises location that uses either a UNIX® or a Windows directory specification. (Note that if the location is a Windows directory, the system actually uses robocopy rather than rsync when it copies the files.)

  • Location specifies the actual directory. The format depends on Type.

    • For s3, Location has the following format:


      For example:

    • For rsync, Location can any of the following formats:

      • For UNIX®:



      • For Windows:




For more information, see Configuring Journal Archive Targets and Configuring Journal Settings.

Changing This Parameter

On the Archive Targets page of the Management Portal (System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > Archive Targets), to add a new entry, select Create New Archive Target. To edit an existing entry, select Edit in that entry's row.

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